Tutorials – Club Meeting Presentations

April 2017 Club Meeting – What Radio to Buy

AC7II – What Type of Radio to Buy/Whats Legal and not with these Chinese Radios – Click Here

March 2017 Club Meeting – Mini Emergency Communications Conference

K7CTC – Solar Powered Station – A Buyer’s Guide – Click Here

KF7DKM – 72 Hour Kit – Click Here

February 2017 Club Meeting – Remote Shack – Rig Remote Control

N7UWX – Kenwood TS-2000 Remote Control – Click Here

AC7II – Yeasu FT-DX5000 Remote Control – Click Here

February 2016 APRS Presentation by Brandon KD7IIW & Tyler N7UWX – APRS Presentation

April 2015BARC club meeting presentation Digital Voice.  – Comparison of Amateur Radio DV

Bear 100 Presentation given at the 2104 Utah State RACES Conference.  – Bear 100 Data Entry & Transfer

Jared Smith N7SMI reports his DXpedition to TX7G, to the Marquesas Islands. – DXpedition to the Marquesas Islands YouTube Video

Build your own Windom Antenna – BARC Presentation by Kevin Reeve. – buildyourownWindom

Building an ircDDB Repeater – BARC Presentation By Ted McArthur. –  ircDDB Repeater

Sound Card Digital modes – BARC Presentation By Tyler Griffiths.  – N7UWX- SoundcardModes

Sound Card Interface – KB3KAI TNC notes

BARC April 2014 –  APRS Presentation – BARC APRS

BARC May2014  – Public Safety Communications 101

Lego Communications game

Elmer Night Operational Aid – Suggested Frequencies 2017-03-25 (get started programming your radio for use within Cache County with CHIRP and a helpful PDF channel/frequency listing).

Elmer Night Operational Aid – UV-5R Quick Reference.


Winlink – Email to text message

Using Email to Text is a pretty simple way to contact people via Winlink. At least for AT&T it works both ways.

By simply sending an email to 1112223333@txt.att.net for example, you can send text messages to cell phones via email.

  • AT&T– cellnumber@txt.att.net
  • Verizoncellnumber@vtext.com  cellnumber@vzwpix.com
  • T-Mobile– cellnumber@tmomail.net
  • Sprint PCS– cellnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Virgin Mobile –cellnumber@vmobl.com
  • US Cellular– cellnumber@email.uscc.net
  • Nextel– cellnumber@messaging.nextel.com
  • Boost– cellnumber@myboostmobile.com
  • Alltel– cellnumber@message.alltel.com