Conducting amateur radio nets is a longstanding tradition within the hobby.  You can think of a net as an on-the-air meeting where hams gather on a specific frequency at a scheduled time.  Generally, an organized net serves a specific purpose that can range anywhere from casual conversation to formal passing of emergency traffic.  Nets offer a good opportunity to test and become familiar with your radio equipment as well as send and/or receive important information.  We invite you to join us in this activity by checking in to our local nets.


The Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club Net is held every Tuesday at 9:00 PM local time on the BARC Linked Repeater System.  All amateurs are invited to check in.  If you are not already on the net roster, there will be an opportunity to check in after roll call.  You will be placed on roll after repeated check ins.  The BARC net is used for passing of information traffic (announcements), training, asking questions and listing items for sale.

We utilize the realtime collaboration functionality of Google Drive to call the net and maintain the net roster.  This information is kept in the form of a publicly viewable spreadsheet.  You may view the current BARC Net roster and preamble as well as archived versions by clicking HERE.

BARC Ladies Net

The BARC Ladies Net is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 8:00 PM on the BARC Linked Repeater System.  All licensed lady amateur radio operators are encouraged and welcome to check in.  While this is a ladies only activity, all are welcome to listen in and can benefit from the training topics discussed.  To learn more about the Ladies Net, please contact Shirley Larsen (AD7HL) at

Cache County ARES Net

The Cache County ARES Net is held monthly on the 1st Tuesday @ 8:00 PM on the BARC Linked Repeater System.  The primary focus of this net is of course Amateur Radio Emergency Service dealing with emergency communications topics.  The net is also beneficial to those who may not be able to make it to the in person ARES meetings as it provides additional opportunity to stay current with matters pertaining to Cache County ARES.

In April 2017, a decision was made by NCS and net participants to change the name and focus of the net from the Winlink Net to the ARES net.  Installation, use and general familiarity with the Winlink software is still encouraged as this is a great emergency communications resource in addition to being utilized for public service activities.

Northern Utah Technical Society (NUTS) D-Star Net

The Northern Utah Technical Society (NUTS) D-Star Net is held every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM local time.  It is held on the 449.575 – NU7TS B, 447.975 – AC7O – B, 145.150 AC7O-C, 447.950 KF7VJO-B or 447.925 N7RDS-B repeaters and the D-Star reflector 029C.  Local radios in Cache Valley can connect to NU7TS B, AC7O B or a local hotspot.  Others may link to reflector 029C via repeaters or link in via hotspots or DV-Dongles.  Several D-Star repeaters and hotspots are linked most of the time to reflector 029C so they may already be connected.  This is a very informal net so please check in and ask questions.  More information regarding the NUTS D-Star repeaters is available at

Beehive Utah Net

The daily Beehive Utah Net is comprised of a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators that meet daily for the Public Service function of handling message traffic within the National Traffic System.  This net is held daily at 12:30 PM local time on 7.272 MHz.  Visitors are always welcome.