Bear 100

Bear 100 is a 100 mile endurance run that begins in Logan, Utah and ends at Bear Lake. Nearly 300 runners participate in this rugged and remote event. Amateur radio operators provide aid station and communications support for runners and crew.

September 29-30, 2017

Radio operators are needed to man all the feed stations and checkpoints along the route.  It is best to have 2 to 3 hams at each checkpoint and to do shifts.

Bear 100 Radio Bible

Bear 100 Winlink and Data Transfer  Presentation given 7/15/2015

Winlink for the Bear 100 instructions (Updated 9/21/2017)

Bear 100 Assignment List

Runner Time Sheet

Bear 100 Runner DNF Form

DNS / DNF List (Blank)

CalTopo Map of the Bear 100

Bear 100 Runner List (.xlxs)

Bear 100 Runner List Sort by Bib# (.pdf)

Bear 100 Runner List Sort by Last Name (.PDF)

Bear 100 Presentation given at the 2104 Utah State RACES Conference.   Bear 100 Data Entry & Transfer

File naming format to use for the BEAR100 program station log files, BEAR100-file-naming-conventions

BEAR100 runner logging software with new Aid Station locations for course change due to weather as of 9/21/2016, BEAR100_app_20130924_release