BARC maintains an IRLP and EchoLink node on the 147.200 repeater.  All are welcome and encouraged to utilize this resource.  The repeater has what amounts to three different modes of operation:

  • It can be linked into the BARC Linked Repeater System by transmitting 220 on your DTMF keypad (221 to un-link).  In this mode, IRLP and EchoLink are not available.
  • It operates as a standard standalone repeater when not linked to the BARC Linked Repeater System and not actively connected to another IRLP or EchoLink node.  The repeater is generally left in this mode.
  • It functions as IRLP node 3381 and EchoLink node 495125 and can connect to any other node in the worldwide network as well as accept incoming connections.

IRLP Operation

As always, listen before transmitting to make sure that the repeater is not currently in use.  It’s good practice to also ask if the repeater is in use over the air and announce your intent to use the IRLP.  If unsure of the current operating mode of the repeater, transmit 221 on your DTMF keypad.  This will ensure that the repeater is in standalone/IRLP mode.  To connect to another node simply transmit the node number and you should hear and announcement that you have connected.  While connected to another node it is important to remember to pause for 2 seconds between pressing your PTT and speaking.  This is due the inherent latency of the internet (remember, the audio is being sent over the internet to the other node).  To disconnect, transmit 73 on your DTMF keypad.  The system will automatically disconnect the remote node after about 40 minutes of local inactivity.  For additional information, check out this presentation.

IRLP Tools

Status (see the status of reflectors and any node in the system in real-time)
Monitor (provides status information for the 3381 node)
Map (shows location of node 3381 as well as the location of the actively connected node)
Console (allows control over certain node 3381 functions)

Node Suggestions