Rocket Recovery

  2016 IREC Event Dates – June 15th thru 19th

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Event Information and Photos      

Most likely New Site, somewhere between Green River, UT and Moab.             Previous Site 200?-2015

Event Schedule

14th Tuesday – Travel down and start getting setup

15th Wednesday – Rocket Show and Judging in town

16th & 17th Thurs–Friday Rocket launches & Recovery

18th Saturday – Rocket launches, Recovery & Awards

19th Sunday – Alternate launch day if needed

This is a multi day event where we provide communications and aid in recovering rockets. We get to camp(typically) and play in the southern Utah desert. It is the furthest from home event that we the club support, so careful planning and packing is required. We have great meals, fun, and excitement, especially when a rocket is coming in hot!

We have been involved with helping track, locate, and recover rockets for several years now, and it seems every year runs differently, but we keep trying new things and finding ways to be more efficient.

We have also been assisting ESRA with the tracking beacons, since they are based in Amateur Radio frequencies. So we’ve been using a special event callsign, K7R the last couple years to make the ID’s required a bit shorter and consistent. They have typically used tone based beacons, but seem to have had varying levels of success. The last couple years we have really been trying to get more teams setup with APRS based beacons, because there is no searching required, we can watch the whole launch on the APRS program map. Then it is just a matter of sending the team after it and recovery is much more efficient.

APRS-IS32 ScreenShots – 2014

APRS Overview - 06271218        

RC Plane Tracking – From 2014 Event


If you are interesting in helping with the event, part of, or just general questions.. feel free to ask myself or Josh Jensen. We will be holding a couple of planning meetings before the event, let us know if you’d like an invite or reminder of date/time information

If this is your first time and are interested in a general packing guide and other details, click HERE. Thanks to Russel Smart – KD7WRA for creating this guide.

KD7IIW – Brandon Tibbitts –

KD7WRC – Josh Jensen –