BARC Linked Repeater System

BARC maintains a permanently linked repeater system that provides coverage to a large geographical area that spans portions of southeastern Idaho to Salt Lake City. The system is open for use by all licensed amateurs. All repeaters are configured to receive and transmit a tone of 103.5 Hz. Autopatch is available by dialing *NNNNNNN (where N is the 7 digit phone number within the 435 area code). While four repeaters are linked full-time, a fifth repeater exists in the Cache Valley (147.200+) that can be manually linked to the rest of the system as needed. The DTMF command on 147.200+ to link is 220 and the command to un-link is 221.

Frequency Call Coordinates Location
145.310- WA7KMF 41.6369, -111.4156 Red Spur
146.720- AC7O 41.7136, -111.7169 Mt. Logan
147.260+ WA7KMF 41.2578, -112.4408 Promontory
449.625- AC7O 41.7136, -111.7169 Mt. Logan
147.200+ AC7O Cache Valley

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